Used across a variety of industries

Serving all types of business, around the globe.


Teams that move fast and need to always stay synchronised.

Remote Teams

Teams that need to be able to reconcile documents of offshore staff.


Teams that need to be able to keep ontop of hours worked.


Teams that need visiblity and dependability of staff attendance.


Teams that need to communicate across multiple work sites.

Health Care

Teams that need to have dependability in their work records.

"Our team used Bundy to solve our communication issues and it has been such a pleasure. Now that we're all on it we can never look back."

Casey Ramone of Technica

Replace the mess
with one simple app.

Using our single innovative platform you can remove the messy rat's nest of paperwork, email, calls, texts and apps you currently have.

Bundy scales with you

Only pay as much as you should for your business.

Guaranteed 100% uptime

Our server network never goes down.

Lifetime storage *

We store all your data forever. No extra charge.

256-bit encryption

Keep your communication and data safe.

* Limited to the life of your account.


Integrates with your favorite platforms

Zapier helps to integrate Bundy into over 1500+ of your favourite apps.


Sync your team's work and activity to share automatically in a channel allowing greater visibility.


Communicate important messages to your users through Bundy using Mailchimp as the delivery service.


Sync onboarding forms to Dropbox for automated sharing with other business units.

Google Drive

Sync files and reports to Google Drive for automated sharing with other business units.


Easily send staff time and attendance information across to process payroll.


Keep your entire team in sync with Atlassian products and easily manage tasks, goals, and deadlines.